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03/14/20 08:21 AM #2918    

Mike Young

Happy birthday, Lucia.  You're like Elvis, Madonna and J LO, just one name and we all know who you are.  Many thanks for setting up this Forum, giving us all the opportunity to stay in touch - you are one of the few who make a big difference and we appreciate you.  I hope that your birthday is the best so far and the year is, too.  Looking forward to seeing you this August.

03/14/20 12:26 PM #2919    


Tom O'Brien

Lucia, Lucia, Lucia, Wishes for the anniversary of your 21st Birthday. I would not attempt to figure what anniversary it is because when I strain my brain now I get head beatings .

Let's just say I wish you the best today and every day your with us.

I repeat what Mike said about you setting up this sight, it has been a joy to remember the by gone days of Shrine and our nights at the Sadie Hawkins dances. Great times for sure.

Be damn sure to have all the cake and ice cream you want cuz you deserve it.

Enjoy the whole damn year,


03/14/20 04:32 PM #2920    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Happy, Happy Birthday, Lucia!  In these crazy times, I'm hoping you are able to enjoy with friends and family.  

By the way, isn't this the time of year for us to donate to continuing this wonderful blog?  

03/15/20 08:05 AM #2921    


Janet Flick (Stickel)


Thanks for bringing up the cost of the website.  Yes, Lucia has generously just renewed the website for the $165 annual subscription.  She wouldn't ask but I am hopeful some of us can send her $10-20.   Any left over donations will be saved for 2021.

Lucia's address is:

5760 Shillingham
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

03/15/20 08:14 AM #2922    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

Thanks, Mike Young for being the enthusiastic ambassador for the Class of '63 annual golf outing and get together!!!  I hope many of you golfers and especially non-golfers take his invitation to heart.

I've updated the Home Page with date and time of the 2020 event - August 22; golf starting at 11am; drinks and snacks starting at 4:00pm.  Dinner to follow. Mark your calendar.

It's soothing to look forward to August when, hopefully, these uncertain times have smoothed out.smileyheart


03/16/20 04:53 PM #2923    

Patrick Diggles

To All,

I'm so sad to read about John Goddard's passing!  He was a very good friend during high school.  I got to know him well through the baseball team.  He was a really fine guy and always in good shape!  My prayers and thoughts go out to his family.  I don't visit this sight very often, but from here-on out I will be visiting it much more often!  Hi to everyone!  We've retired to Portland, Maine where our two daughters (Meghann and Caitlin) live with their husbands (Donny and Theron).

I have fond memories of my life at Shrine with all of you!  Look forward to more corespondence!

Pat Diggtles  


03/17/20 12:19 AM #2924    

Mike Young


03/18/20 12:48 PM #2925    

Mike Young

Happy birthday to Pat Belanger and Joyce Falcon.  I hope that you can celebrate and enjoy yourselves in these awkward times.  We've handled far worse, but cake is still good (Just ask OB.) with or without the ice cream.

03/19/20 12:04 PM #2926    


Tom O'Brien

Oh, Oh. Sorry I missed the big day of Joyce and Pat. Hope your day was sunny and bright and your families are well.

With all that's going on have a great year and many more.

Enjoy and be darn sure you have the biggest cake and lots and lots of ice cream.

03/28/20 09:33 AM #2927    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday Andrea, I hope that all is well for you and those you love.  I recall you going to the St. Patrick's Day Dance with green hair, not the only time you were our most colorful classmate.  A Merry Unbirthday to the rest of our class.  I'd like to remind everyone of something Soupy Sales said many moons ago - "An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but an onion a day keeps everyone away".  That should help us with "Social Distancing".

03/28/20 12:20 PM #2928    


Tom O'Brien

Wishing Happy Birthday to Andi. After seeing your website you seem to be right at home with all your past customers. What a great life your having.

I can still remember our days on Roseland and the floorless 57 black ford convertable you sold me. My first car. After that car, each car I purchased I always check to make sure there is a solid surface under the floor mats and not just plywood. So I had air with the top down and the floor up. But for $500.00 it was such a deal.

Enough about by-gone days. I truly wish you a happy day, filled with lots of business, cake and ice cream and fun.

Stay healthy and safe.

It is also our oldest daughters birthday. 50 years old. (Oh to be young again)

03/29/20 09:10 AM #2929    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

Tom O., 

Thanks for sharing. Never heard that used car story before! Sure didn’t hear it from Andi.

A couple weeks late but I am thankful for all the birthday greetings. 

Would be very interested to hear how our classmates are faring in these unprecedented times. Holding hope for  us all to see the other side of these troubled times. 

03/29/20 07:26 PM #2930    

David Unger


I was just wondering how many classmates got "orders" from their children as to what our behaviour should be during this pandemic.  Our youngest told Barbara that she would come over and stand on our front lawn and yell at me if I didn't say home.  I have been tempted to she would do it.

Wendy, our oldest daughter has finished her chemo and started radiation March 12th.  She goes 5 days a week for 4 weeks.  She has started feeling very tired ofter the treatment, which she had been told to expect.  Thank God she only has about 2 weeks to go.  Being a teacher, she is off work so that has been a big help to her.  She still worries about and misses her students.  

Our other two daughters are still working.  One is at home and the other works at the Louisville Zoo.  The have dinvided the week into two teams, working 3 1/2 days each.  Her animals get very cranky if they don't eat every day.

Barbara and I are doing well.  We had a good supply of esentials and I have only gone out for fresh foods twice. ( Don't tell the kids.)  I went early and the stores were not crowded.  In Southeast Michigan, the numbers are getting high and will go higher.  I pray that people will get much more aware that they need to follow the guide lines to slow and stop this virus.

Our prayers are with all of you and your families.







03/29/20 11:05 PM #2931    


Tom O'Brien

Lucia, As they say, that was a true story. I never found out about the no floors until someone got into the back seat and their foot when to the ground.

About two months after that, I was driving to work and the engine blew out. I didn't know you were suppose to check the oil.

After that car I bought a new, navy blue floor shift Corvair. That was a great car.

Dave, I am sorry to hear about your daughter and glad to hear all is going well now. By all means stay home as much as possible. We have had 4 neighbors come over and tell us if we need something they will go get it. I said that was only for helping the old folks. When we get old we will ask for help.

I told my wife people aren't use to staying home together, we have been doing it now for 13 years.

I was so pissed the other day when trump said no help for Michigan because the gov hasn't been good to him. Then in the next breath he said he loves the people in Michigan. I hope all is well for everyone back there.

Stay well, 6 feet away and stay in.

Prayers for all.

03/30/20 08:28 AM #2932    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)


C-19 is something I never thought would happen in our lifetime with modern medicine as advanced as it is.  I tell everyone I have been well prepared since we don't get to socialize much due to my husband's Alzheimer's.  Not too many people are understanding of his constant repetition.  So it hasn't been a huge adjustment for me.  

I have a niece who is a nurse anesthetist at Troy Beaumont.  Her boss assigned her to the ICU because he said if he gets sick, she will have to run the department.  She is working 12-hour days.  I asked if she needed face masks I would be happy to make them.  She was thrilled!  So that keeps me busy and I feel like I am helping in some small way.

Stay safe, stay home and stay healthy!  🥰


03/31/20 10:59 AM #2933    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

My women's club here in FL is doing the same thing for our local hospital.  I've gotten out my sewing machine..... it still works!

03/31/20 02:26 PM #2934    

David Unger


Our governor and Trump have been feuding since shortly after she got elected.  Both sides have said and done things they should think twice about.  As I see it, Michigan, like every other state is in the distribution system for much needed supplies.  The people and agencies making the decisions have never in their lives had to face anything like this.  

Early on, mistakes happened.  They were the result of fear, panic, lack of good information, and that most of us never thought anything this dangerous could possibly happen as fast as this did.  Now, every day I see our nation coming together and doing things at unprecedented speeds to combat this virus and help people get well.  The american way has always been to see the vast majority of our country pull together and get it done.

While there are still tough days ahead, the progress made so far gives us hope that we soon will be coming out of this dark tunnel. With God's help, may all of us be safe.



04/02/20 11:59 AM #2935    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday to the Diggs. I hope the day brings you  as much fun and health as you can stand. Hope your comfy now from your move to the Maine state,

Keep up the spirits with what ever spirit your into and be sure to have plenty of cake and ice cream on your special day.

Take care and stay six feet away.

04/02/20 12:50 PM #2936    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Happy Birthday to Pat Diggles and soon, Rick Fournier!  This will certainly be a birthday to remember!! Love and good health to you both!!


04/02/20 01:18 PM #2937    

Mike Young

Happy birthday, Pat, the only left handed shortstop I've ever seen.  I recall your humor, ready smile and a very unique defense on the chess board.  I hope that all is well with you and your family in Maine.  I caddied for your Mom once at Red Run and she was one of the kindest and nicest people that I caddied for.  I see where you got your pleasantness from.

Dave, our hearts go out to Wendy, those chemo and radiation treatments can try anyone's perseverance, if she's like you and Barb, I'm sure she'll handle it.  Janet, it doesn't surprise any of us that you are pitching in during a difficult time.  Bless you.  Thank you.  Arlene, you're a wonderful example to all of us for behavior under duress, bless you, too.

Lucia, you asked how we all are.  I live in Moore County, North Carolina, population 100,000.  Thus far we've had 8 reporrted cases of the Coronavirus.  We also have first rate medical facilities.  The governor has put pretty much the same restrictive guidelines and mandates that are prevalent elsewhere accross the country.  A group at our club has started making masks - it's an encouraging sight to see and we've delivered 649 masks to our First Health Organization (They run the hospitals and most of the medical clinics in the area.) as of three days ago, with about double that due either today or tomorrow.  This area is a golf Mecca and relies heavily on the resort trade, but all the resorts have closed their hotels, so many businesses are taking temporary steps, leading to cutting jobs and hours. The secondary businesses that rely on the influx of golfers are suffering too, restaurants are doing Take Outs only, etc.  The toilet paper shortage is here, too, along with any disinfectants, soap products and cleaning paraphenalia.  And beer, which is evedently some sort of staple.  Our food supply chain has slowed but not dangerously unless people start trying to hoard provisions.  It is heartening that the projections for the duration of this pandemic are expecting this to be significantly subsided by the 1st of July.  For the interim I have nicknamed my refrigerator "Fatso Batso"  (Thank you, Jackie Gleason!!) in an effort to keep a six foot social distance.  Mixed reults so far.  I wish all of us a safe and healthy future.

04/02/20 08:18 PM #2938    


George Brown

Happy Birthday Pat. Enjoy your day and many more. 




04/07/20 08:48 AM #2939    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Phil Anderson, a Treasurer with a sense of humor.  Why don't you bring the lovely Pauline and join us at our Social/Golf outing this August?  Shelby Township isn't far at all and, as I recall, you both like to play golf.  May this year be among your best.

04/07/20 10:48 PM #2940    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday Phil.

04/08/20 07:31 AM #2941    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Ric, we hope to see you and Valerie this August.  How did you ever find someone who smiles as much as you do?  Or do you just bring that out of each other?  Make this year one of your best.  Merry Unbirthday to everyone else.

04/08/20 01:10 PM #2942    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday to Ric. I hope your day is filled with sunshine and all is well in the family.

The days are catching up to us but with your smile and family love you will make this your best year yet.

Take care, stay 6 feet away and by all means eat a lot of cake smothered in ice cream.

Stay safe.

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