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05/21/20 10:51 PM #2990    


Tom O'Brien


Sorry to hear about your husbands bad day. The class of 63 is in my daily prayers and there will be some extras said now for you, Mary Ann and all others needed.

Keep your spirits up and soon we'll hear the chopsticks playing.

Take Care.

05/22/20 07:42 AM #2991    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

05/22/20 07:43 AM #2992    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

Borgo Sisters! Imagine the number of shuffle-steps and bunny’s ears in that building! 

05/22/20 11:56 AM #2993    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

Most importantly, I will be saying extra prayers for Arlene's husband, Doug, that he regains the strength in his hand and arm.  The pleasure he gives to others as a pianist deserves to contiue.

OK, Lucia, laughed my head off. I'm pretty sure her photo is of her sister, MJ and herself.  I too had dance lessons at Borgo's with my sisters.  I bet many in our class did as well.  Their dance studio on Washington was a staple for more than 70 years.  I sent our older daughter too.  Times change but glad for the memories.  

05/22/20 03:28 PM #2994    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

Presenting the Misses Frances and Virginia Borgo. Here is a link on these two amazing women.  

05/25/20 10:29 AM #2995    

Mike Young

Many thanks to all of our veterans in the Class of '63, and also to those who waited at home for our vets to return.  Thankfully everyone in our class came home.  We are proud of you all.

05/27/20 12:21 AM #2996    


Tom O'Brien

Mary Ann Shirk Hribar,

Mary Ann, I saw this on my daughters Sheltie dog calander and I thought you might enjoy it. How's your puppy search  going?

A dog is the only thing in this old selfish world that loves you more than he loves himself.


05/27/20 12:23 PM #2997    


Mary Ann Shirk (Hribar)

Tom, I told Dan on Facebook that my four year old grandson told me he will never come to my house again if I get a dog. 😞 I have since found out he is terrified of their friend's large, crazy dog. Maybe I can convince him with a smaller one. I'm keeping an eye out on several rescue sites. All they seem to have available are pit bulls. My almost son in law has a great one but I'm not sure that's what I want.  I guess I'll just be patient. 
Lucia, I love your  Borgo sisters pic  I went there for eights years. That's how I grew to love tap. My dad made me quit in my teens. He thought it was a waste of money. He was right, I could never have been a Rockette but I would have loved to major in dance in college. I guess it's good that Marygrove did not have that major then.  I joined an exercise program on line called Tapfit, exercise while making noise! Nothing could be better. 



06/03/20 08:06 AM #2998    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday Dr. Pam!!  I hope that you have a day as special as you are.  I shall always be thankful for our relationship, especially at that time in my life.

Lucia, the Borgo sisters came to LaSalette too, and tried to teach us how to dance, with mixed success, your pictures stir some old memories.

Mary Ann, dancer nonpareil, you probably would have made an excellent dance instructor yourself but, back then, our society didn't have very broad expectations for girls in the working world.  Meanwhile, if getting your grandson to learn to accept dogs is a priority, how about if you took him where there were puppies, young and small, that he could pick up.  There are few creatures with such persistence and enthusiasm as puppies trying to get close to you.  (Teen age boys notwithstanding!!)

I hope everyone is still healthy and coping well with this "pandemic".  As it says in the Bible - "This, too, shall pass".  I am looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it to our Reunion/Golf outing in August.

06/03/20 10:08 AM #2999    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

Happy birthday, Pam and to our classmates with birthdays in June.  

I want to reinforce what Mike just said about our August golf outing and get together - IT'S ON!  We have made our reservation with Pontiac Country Club for Saturday, August 22.  First tee time is 11:00am.  We are hopeful that things can be quasi-normal by then but, in any event,  golf is ON.  We will creatively and safely figure out how we can socialize after the golf.  SO PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS.  Every effort is being made to be able to celebrate our 75th birthdays together.



06/08/20 06:49 PM #3000    

David Unger

How did we all get to 75 this soon?  On the other hand, a lot of us did get to 75!  This sounds like a good reason to raise a glass or two.  Speaking lof golf.  I finally managed to get to a driving range a few days ago.  Nothing like mid 80's and high humidity to make golf balls not listen to what you tell them.  Good thing I still have time to get them in shape.


We are good, no problems.  Hope you all are doing well.

06/12/20 09:05 AM #3001    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Judy Schoen, great grandma!!!  We have been blessed with your coming to Shrine to share your  warm and pleasant smiles with everyone.  You are definitely one of the "good guys" with kindness for one and all.  I am amazed that you had children 20 years apart.  Looking forward to seeing you at our Reunion/Golf Outing in August.

Dave, golf balls are not trainable, nor will they ever listen except to frustrate you by defying your pleas and instructions.  I'll possibly break my habit of talking to them in another 20 years or so.

Merry Unbirthdays to everyone else.

06/12/20 10:25 AM #3002    

Mike Young

A little something that I just came accross - in the Middle Ages, when the Plague had finally dissapated, there was much celebrating with wine and orgies.  I was just wondering if anyone has anything like this planned for when this pandemic is over.  I'm asking for a friend, of course.

06/12/20 10:37 PM #3003    


Tom O'Brien

Another birthday which means another excuse to have cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday to Judy and many more to come. Make this your best and enjoy every minute of every day.

We have the memories of by gone days and the joy for the days ahead.

Stay safe and healthy.

06/23/20 02:26 PM #3004    


Tom O'Brien

Big Jon,

May your day be Happy and many, many more birthdays to come. enjoy the day and be sure you have cake and ice cream, and lots of it.


06/26/20 09:16 AM #3005    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, George Karam, we hope that all is well with you and those important to you.  I recall Gerry and I seeing you at the driving range and were marvelling at your ball striking talents.  You said that you weren't hitting the ball the way you wanted to.  Your bad shots would have been good for us.  You should join us for our Reunion/golf gathering this August, we'd like to see you.

Jon, Happy Belated Birthday, hope is was filled with joy.  You can celebrate your Unbirthday along with the rest of us, I'm sure that OB would tell you that cake and ice cream are good for unbirthdays, too.

06/26/20 11:55 AM #3006    


Tom O'Brien


another year passes by with more good memories and wishing you many more to come.

Our birthdays now are more special than the past and more enjoyable.

I wish you and your family the best for the coming year.

Take care and stay safe.

06/27/20 12:07 AM #3007    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

I'm really bad at addressing birthdays (unless it's mine) but Happy Birthday George stay well and here's to another one next year !!

06/27/20 08:53 AM #3008    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Tom Wischman - many moons have past since we last heard from you.  We hope that all is well with you, your loved ones and the vets you work with.  C'mon down and mingle with us this August - we'd like to see you.

06/27/20 11:47 AM #3009    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Happy Birthday Tom, and stay in the game for another one next year !

06/28/20 01:36 PM #3010    


Tom O'Brien

Tom Wischman,

Is he still with us, haven't heard from him for so long I thought he might be with Murph.

If your here, here's wisching you a happy birthday, eat some cake and ice cream and if we don't hear from you, I won't send greetings next year.

Let us know something, some of us might miss your happy voice.


07/04/20 07:49 AM #3011    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday Dennis, you always had a smile and an ear for anyone and everyone.  We hope that you, and the lovely Charlotte, enjoy the fireworks and festivities.  We're also looking forward to seeing both of you this August at our Reunion/golf outing.

Happy Birthday, U.S. A.  !!!!!!  To all of you who've been blessed to live in this country May the Fourth be with you!!!!! 

07/04/20 11:51 AM #3012    


Tom O'Brien

I must have been asleep at the wheel.

I apologize and wish Birthday greetings to Chris and Dennis.

Hope your days were filled with fun, love and cake and ice cream and not in that order. Many more to come to both of you and stay safe.

07/09/20 08:45 AM #3013    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Chris both tenacious and charming and doing a bang-up job on the pairings for our Reunion/Golf Outing.  Does that add "match-making" to your resume?  We hope that your day is filled with pleasantries and your year as good as can be.

07/11/20 01:14 PM #3014    


Janet Flick (Stickel)


Our annual golf outing/get together is just 6 weeks away.  We will adhere to all precautions to make this a safe and fun event. 

The golf carts at Pontiac Country Club have plexiglass partitions between driver and rider.  We will be mindful of social distancing.  Masks are encouraged if you feel more comfortable wearing one.  Riders welcome.

As you know, masks are mandatory inside buildings which means the Country Club snack bar and bar.  

Instead of going to a restaurant, we will get together after golf on the patio of Pontiac CC.  Drinks and bar food can be ordered.and served.  This way we are outside with plenty of social distancing room at a lovely location.

Timetable:                                                                               Pontiac Country Club
10:30am golfers arrive                                                            4335 Elizabeth Lake Rd
11:00am first tee time                                                             Waterford, MI  48328
4:00pm Gather on the patio                                                    Phone: 248-682-6333
Cost for golfers is $40/person which includes cart fee.
Golf reservations contact Chris Frye at   or 586-504-2095
For Get Together please RSVP to Lucia Johnson at  or  248-310-7199

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