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01/02/18 03:18 PM #2255    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

Happy New Year!  Hope 2018 will be a good year for us all.

It's not too early to mark your calendar for our 55th Reunion golf outing and get together which will be held on August 25.  More information will follow in the Spring.

Keep warm!!!!!



01/03/18 11:02 AM #2256    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Happy New Year Everyone and Happy January Birthdays ....especially to George Brown, and I'll try to do better in posting those good wishes!  Am looking forward to the 55 th reunion and am planning on attending, no babies due, no eclipses ,no siblings coming to visit, I am looking for advise class of 63,  am planning a trip to Israel the end of February, I have never been overseas, not very worldly in life,but Israel has been on my bucket list,  Many of you travel extensively so I am sincerely asking how wise,how safe is this, am traveling with a girlfriend who is a real globetrotter so I need to know what I need to know about this travel.  We took out travel insurance so it's not too late to rethink.  It's with a tour company and they are well known but in looking at the new brochure, Israel is not even offered. Help!

01/03/18 01:57 PM #2257    

Tom Scott

Aah yes Jan 30th another mile stone looking forward to Aug 25. I do have a question for any of you who have had knee replacement surgery. I might have have one done so give me thoughts/experience's.

01/05/18 01:29 PM #2258    


Dan Janness


Tom, I had both of my knees done by a terrific surgeon out of Beaumont Hospital a Dr. Kaplin. 4-years apart. In both cases I was back bowling in 5 weeks. As long as there are no complications you should be up and running in a month and a half, forget the running you can't do that ever again, but at least the pain will be gone and you can walk without a limp.




01/06/18 07:44 PM #2259    

David Unger


Barbara had her knee done last September.  The surgery took just one hour.  She spent 4 days in the hospital, as it took a little time to get going.  Surgery ended at 10:00 am and she was up by 4:00 pm.  She took a few steps and sat up in a chair.  She had a little trouble getting the anaesthetic out of her leg, took an extra day to get good feeling back.  

She went to therapy twice a day in the hospital and started in home the day after she got home.  That lasted a week, then off to regular therapy twice a week.  She lucked out and got a very nice young woman who pushed her very hard each session.  The motto for most therapists is "can we make you cry".  If so, we know you are getting better.  She had ten weeks of therapy and in the end exceeded all the doctor's expectations.

The first 2 to 3 weeks are going to hurt.   Hard to sleep, and getting up and down from chairs without arms can be tough.  Once you get through that period, things get better quickly.  Your leg muscles will adjust to your new knee parts and having your leg straight again.  You will suddenly notice you are walking without pain.  Dan was so right, that alone is worth the effort.

The Doctors name is Richard Perry, and he works out of St. Claire Orthopedic and Sports medicine.  Just so you know, he used supper glue to close the inscision and epoxy to attach the new parts.  Barbara said she would be happy to talk with you about the surgery.


Now, I have to change the subject.  On December 27th my oldr brother John ended his battle with dimentia.  It took about 5 years and is a terrible way to go.  It was very hard for all of us to watch the disease take his life.  It was a relief to know that he is finally at peace.  John was a member of the 1958 Shrine class.

01/07/18 07:39 AM #2260    


Janet Flick (Stickel)


Our deepest condolences at the loss of your brother John.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

01/07/18 11:43 AM #2261    

Tom Scott

David so sorry to hear about your brother my Mother battled demtia for about the same time tough to see her battle with that terrible disease.
I fell twice because of

01/07/18 11:46 AM #2262    

Tom Scott

Low blood pressure dropped like rock did damage to ligaments on the right side fell again same problem landed on right knee again I have partial tear of the MCL going for consult end of month
Tks for the info keep u posted

01/07/18 11:54 AM #2263    

Tom Scott

Tks Dan as far as running I just watch people do it while driving. I will get my knee fixed and be ready for Aug buy a couple beer. Keep warm my friend

01/07/18 01:06 PM #2264    


Tom O'Brien


Sorry to hear about your brother. I guess the good thing is he suffers no more and having a great time upstairs with the big guy.

01/07/18 05:17 PM #2265    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Dave - So sorry to hear about your brother. Dementia is an insidious disease!  My husband has been diagnosed and I have been told it will be severe within 2 years.  I am his caregiver at home, and I could sure use everyone’s prayers that I can keep my sanity and patience while dealing with this.

01/07/18 07:24 PM #2266    

Tom Scott

Arlene that sure took the wind out of my sails my prayers thoughts are with you and your family.

01/07/18 08:39 PM #2267    


Lorrie Olesak (Bookbinder)

Arlene, you and your husband will definitely be remembered in my prayers.  I can tell you from experience that an effort the maintain a good sense of humor can be an asset.  I’ll ask The a Holy Mother to watch over both of you. wink

01/07/18 10:37 PM #2268    

Kathy Chaivre (Brown)

Dave, we are so sorry to learn of your brothers passing.  Our prayers are with you and your family.  Arlene, I'm sorry to learn of your husbands diagnosis.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.  Lori is right!  A sense of humor is so important.  It is also important to ask for help and not try to do everything yourself.  One more thing, don't be hard on yourself if you get cranky sometimes. Its okay and it will pass quickly.  God bless you and your husband.  


01/08/18 10:08 AM #2269    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

2018 Has blown in with high hopes and low temps - at least in this over half of the country. Hopefully where temps are higher, hopes are also on a par! 

Dave, sad to lose a sibling under any circumstances but especially when they retreat from you and themselves over such a long period of time. 

Arlene, holding you in my heart while you take that hard journey with your husband. Your winning disposition and caring ways should bouy you both along the way. You have had a year! 

May each and everyone of us and ours experince joy though it be mixed as it may be life's harder moments in every box on this new calendar.

01/08/18 11:04 AM #2270    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Thank you all for your kind responses!  I will take all the prayers you can gather together!  Yes, it has been quite a year...  My oldest daughter, the one whose husband had the sudden cardiac arrest (he is doing well now, thanks to your prayers), was recently diagnosed with a benign tumor on the optic nerve to her left eye.  She will be undergoing 6 weeks of daily radiation to zap it, and hopefully will not lose sight in that eye.  (Prayers for her, too, please!)  I desperately need God's healing hands in 2018.  Love to you all.

01/08/18 12:48 PM #2271    


Rick Fournier

Dave so very sorry to hear about your brother.  My prayers go out to you and your family.

01/09/18 09:59 AM #2272    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Dave, my heart goes out to you as you shared your brothers passing from his earthly life, prayers to all .  


01/09/18 10:06 AM #2273    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Arlene, ditto with Lucia, you are a strong woman, we are here for additional strength and support and prayers  for you and your daughter also in her treatments. God bless

01/09/18 10:13 AM #2274    


Janet Flick (Stickel)


I agree with all the sage thoughts expressed by our fellow classmates about caring for your husband.  Will be keeping you all in my prayers and extra prayers as your daughter is treated for her optic nerve tumor.  I am proud and honored to have people with such strength of character in my life.  You all set such good example of how to deal with life's trials.

01/09/18 07:47 PM #2275    

David Unger

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers.  Yes, it is very important to reach out help.  In difficult times, family, friends, medical  and spiritual help keeps you going.  Sometimes you just need a big hug.  My heart goes out to those who hae been and will be touched by this disease.  I have a special admiration to those who take care of the victoms of this disease.  

Tom, hope you get a simple solution for your knee.  

01/28/18 05:02 PM #2276    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

For Janet Samida, Gail Walker and Tom Scott, may your birthday month be the best ever and continue throughout the next year!  

01/30/18 11:46 AM #2277    


Tom O'Brien

Belated wishes to Janet and Gayle. Happy day to the Scott and best wishes for that upcoming surgery.

May the upcoming year be healthy and safe for all.

01/31/18 12:27 AM #2278    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

I Happy late Birthday to Janet and  Gayle have some more cake and ice cream, and Happy Birthday, Tom and good luck on the surgery  you'll be better than ever in no time! 


02/04/18 05:45 PM #2279    


Tom O'Brien

A Happy Birthday to Loretta and I hope you have a Super Day.


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