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10/25/18 02:10 PM #2494    

Tom Scott

Tom what type of injections for your knee

10/25/18 02:12 PM #2495    

Tom Scott

I saw your earlier post on the rooster injections I think I will try that this clinic is against knee replacements

10/25/18 05:33 PM #2496    


Tom O'Brien

Tom Here is the info on Vital.

The knee injections are The roosters Comb. I saw it on TV and had to find a doctor that did it. Check with your clinic and it is The Roosters Comb. They extract it from roosters. It is put in  to the joint at the side of the knee. It's a lot of fun when he hits the bone O U C H.

10/25/18 05:34 PM #2497    


Tom O'Brien


Happy Birthday for you. Hope you have a terrific day and best for the next 364 days.


10/25/18 05:39 PM #2498    


Tom O'Brien

Lucia, Funny you mentioned taking Vital 3 for your hands. My wife saw my results ans is now taling it for her hands. working great.


Mike young. Here is some more info for you.

10/25/18 05:40 PM #2499    


Tom O'Brien

If I could only spell.

10/25/18 08:53 PM #2500    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Happy Birthday young Fred, did you skip a class to be so young....? And Dr Bork , a very Happy Birthday to you as well!  

10/26/18 08:00 AM #2501    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

OB - Vital3 is liquid collagen.  Exactly what is needed between bones.  Again, couldn’t be happier with my results!

10/27/18 06:28 PM #2502    

Tom Scott

OB tks. For the heads up on the pain looking forward to it, I will think of Sister Mary Spanky and the pain she delivered

10/28/18 12:44 PM #2503    


Tom O'Brien


No problem if they don't hit the bone. Or just do what I did and grab his arm so he knows I felt it. He has only done it once.

10/29/18 11:29 PM #2504    

Tom Scott

Maybe I will do the Klingon death grip

10/29/18 11:30 PM #2505    

Tom Scott

Tks Arlene I ordered some

11/02/18 08:49 AM #2506    

Mike Young

Phil Roy, have a happy birthday and a good 74th year.  I still remember jumping the fence at Red Run with a putter and an 8 iron.  I also recall seeing you take a shot on the basketball court from about 5 feet out, with your back to the bucket, just flipping it over your head.  Al Fracassa's eyes have probably never been so wide.  When it went in he got that Al Fracassa grin and just shook his head.   I hope that all is well with you and those important to you.

11/02/18 10:49 PM #2507    


Tom O'Brien

Happy 74 Phil. I hope your well and are having a terrific day. Best for the year and stay safe,

11/03/18 07:44 AM #2508    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Pete Pappas, infielder extraordinaire.  I hope the coming year will be the best, so far.

11/03/18 12:46 PM #2509    

Tom Scott

A Laural and Hardy happy birthday to Phil and Peter have a great day

11/03/18 12:47 PM #2510    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Bday Pete. Hope all is well and the temps are to your golf games liking.

Enjoy the day and many more ahead.

11/03/18 01:39 PM #2511    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

I'm adding on..........Happy Birthday wishes to both Phil and Pete.

11/05/18 05:27 PM #2512    

Phillip Roy

Mike, OB, Tom and Janet


Thanks for the birthday wishes and athletic memories! I only circled the sun 72 times.

Good to hear from everybody, things are well with me and my family.



11/10/18 11:49 AM #2513    


Tom O'Brien

Jean Stariha McDermott,

Jean, doesn't look good in your area. I hope you and the family are doing okay.

That really started quick and just keeps getting worse.

Hope you were and will be spared.

Prayers have been coming your way.

11/10/18 11:56 AM #2514    


Tom O'Brien

Collete and Pam,

Wishes for you and your families to not be in the way of the fires.

We know down here how they can be and it's not pleasant.

Stay safe and prayers are with you both.

11/10/18 03:19 PM #2515    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

To Tom Scott and Mike Murphy and all other classmates who were in the Marines, Happy 243rd Birthday!

To all of our classmates who served our country, thank you and God Bless.  Happy Veterans Day!  You will always be my heroes!  

11/11/18 08:38 AM #2516    

Mike Young

Thank you, Arlene, for the compliments and wishes. 

I would like to extend my thanks and admiration to our classmates who are vets and to those who waited at home for their safe returns.

I am fortunate enough to live, not only in a great country, but in a very patriotic area.  Fort Bragg is less than an hour away and there are a multitude of retired military in the area.  I play golf with an admiral, a couple of Air Force generals, and several retired Army career soldiers.  There are flags galore out today - the main drag into Pinehurst has over a mile of flags on each side of the road.  There will be a parade.  Vets (and active military) could eat breakfast, lunch and/or dinner at several resturants in the area.  Free haircuts, carwashes and pedicures(?) are also available.   Many of the local golf courses have outings ahere vets can play for free and the golf carts (many of them privately owned) will be sporting flags, seals and/or banners.  There will be a flyby of vintage aircraft and a parachute jump onto the driving range at the main resort.  There will be a Red, White and Blue wave of people dressed in our flags colors.  Our local high scholls teams are called the Patriots.

11/11/18 12:45 PM #2517    

Tom Scott

Thank you Arlene I believe Rich Morgan was an officer in the Corps

11/11/18 12:46 PM #2518    

Tom Scott

Thank you Arlene I believe Rich Morgan was an officer in the Corps

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