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02/13/19 07:48 AM #2593    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

On another note..........  Think Summer. 

Our Shrine Golf Outing will be held on

Saturday, August 24 at Pontiac Clountry Club. 



02/13/19 10:33 AM #2594    

Mary Lou Devine (Zaums)

Thank you for the updates, Lorrie and Janet.  Loved the Chaivers' ...had many fab sleepovers at that home :) Blessings and condolences to Kathy  and family. Stay warm and healthy, everyone. 

Love to all.

Mary Lou

02/13/19 11:49 AM #2595    


Tom O'Brien


Sorry to hear about your sister. I hope you have nothing but good memories of her to charish every day. My prayers are for you and your family.

i'm sure she is in the big puffy clouds having a ball.

02/13/19 07:52 PM #2596    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Kathy - my sincere sympathy to you and your family on the loss of Joanne.  I remember her kindness and patience coaching us for cheerleading tryouts.  You are in my prayers.  (Is Dick related to her husband, Bill?)

02/15/19 07:37 AM #2597    

Mike Young

Kathy, my condolences for the loss of Joanne,  But I would bet that you smile knowing how blessed you were to have such a wonderful older sister.  Amen, Lorrie.  Thanks for the contact points, Janet, and thanks for the update on the golf adventure in August.  I shall be there.

Happy Birthday, Jayne Scallan, make it a special day.  And thank you for saving me from Sr. Elizabeth Louis, for at leat one day.

02/15/19 11:49 AM #2598    


Tom O'Brien

Another year, another Birthday to Jayne. Best  day for you and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Also looking at the bright side and look forward to another good year.

02/16/19 05:03 PM #2599    


Bonnie Ellison (Zook)

So sad to hear that Joanne has passed away.  Thanks Lorie for sharing, and Janet for her address.  She was in my sister’s Nora class of 1960.  She was always so nice.  Cathy, I am so sorry.  I will keep you in my prayers.  God Bless.

03/09/19 09:24 AM #2600    

Mike Young

Happy birthday, Kathy Kehoe, another artist who always seemed to be accompanied with a warm smile and a ready laugh.  Wishing you a day and year as sweet as you are.  Your Mom and my Dad are the only two people that I saw who ever quelled Sister Elizabeth Louise.  And a Merry Unbirthday to the rest of us.

03/09/19 11:43 AM #2601    


Tom O'Brien

Another year for Kathy. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today and the best for the upcoming year.

Enjoy your day and eat lots of cake.

03/11/19 10:53 AM #2602    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)


I am sure you noticed as I did yesterday that ads were appearing in our web site. I emailed and was enlightened as to the cause of it all. 

My credit card was rejected (it had been lost and replaced) at the renewal date and the web site reverted automatically to a free with ads format. Unfortunately, no notification was given to me and I didn't think about the fallout of an auto pay situation. 

I have a call in today and it should all be remedied jiffy-quick. 

Guess I will go pick up branches, grill cover, and lawn furniture now after yesterday’s blustery day! 

Happy soon to be, hurry up please,  Spring! 



03/11/19 12:57 PM #2603    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Lucia -  I’m sure it must be time for me to foot the bill this year.  Let me know how much and I will forward you a check!  Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday!  (It's hard to beat OB the King of Birthday greetings!)

03/11/19 03:34 PM #2604    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

Lucia has shared with me the cost of the website without those pesky ads - who wants them devil- is now $165/year.  Lucia, I'll send you a check and I'm hoping others can chip in $10 - $20.  We can cover the cost with a few contributions.

Lucia's address is 5760 Shillingham, West Bloomfield, MI 48322.

On another note, if you have received the Shrine Golf Outing Save the Date card, you will have seen that 19 Shrine Grads dating from 1946 - 2000 are being announced as "Distinguished Alumni." Our own Janet Meininger is among them.  We have no idea what the criteria has been but non the less, we congratulate her.

Happy Birthday, Jayne Kathy Kehoe and Lucia whose b'day is March 14!  Also birthday wishes to Joyce Falcon and Pat Belanger.

03/12/19 10:46 AM #2605    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

Just had a lovely time catching up on all the posts. Don’t know why I was AWOL for so long. Hope I was missing posts and not just experiencing a series of serious senior moments! Silly me to deprive myself, however inadvertently, of such a wealth of humor and memories. 

All donations accepted for web site, thanks for fund raising effort, Mrs. Stickel.🤗 

Promising myself to pay better attention to this terrific resource. 



03/12/19 12:18 PM #2606    


Dan Janness

Happy birthday to Jayne, Kathy Kehoe, Lucia,Joyce Falcon, Pat Belanger and especially Mary Strauss on March 13th.
Thanks Lucia for continuing with your care on the web site

03/12/19 05:40 PM #2607    

Mary Jo Vander Plas (Huntington)

Hi dear friends ❤️

Hoping everyone made it through the winter

and SPRING will arrive soon !

I just realized my Shrine e mails were going to junk mail

hopefully with a grandchild’s help I can figure out why AND

at the same time stop this Triple space reply 😳🤔🙃.

Birthday hugs 🤗 for all those celebrating this month.



03/12/19 09:17 PM #2608    


Lorrie Olesak (Bookbinder)

Congratulations to Janet Meininger.  I saw the email but it does not indicate what the recognition is for ... I’m not aware of where her life’s journey has taken her, but if someone knows (or finds out) can you pass it along.  Thanx... I believe Lou Derosier is also a part of the program.  To anyone with info, pass it along as well.

03/13/19 06:19 AM #2609    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday Mary Strauss, everyone's favorite pixie with a Page Boy.  I hope to see you at the Golf outing this year so you can tell us how wonderful the year has been.

03/13/19 05:30 PM #2610    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

I do know that Lou Derosier is a highly regarded top architect in the Northern Michigan scene. His designs are not only incredibly beautiful, but eco friendly.  

03/13/19 11:12 PM #2611    


Tom O'Brien

Mary, Mary, Mary

Low and behold today was your birthday and I hope it was your  best one yet

Sorry I'm a little late but you have to remember I am out here in the land of the Fruits and Nuts. Alot of the time we tell time by a calander rather than a watch.

Annny Way, Hope your day was as special as you and wishing you many more.

Stay cool.


03/13/19 11:21 PM #2612    


Tom O'Brien

And now, A Hugh Birthday Greeting to the lady in our younger days who invited me to my first Sadie Hawkins Dance. You probably have forgotten that but I still remember it and until the memory goes I always will. Thank you again and thank you for letting me walk you home after school. It was a true pleasure to be in your company. Well before I go any further down memory lane, I better stop.

I just want to wish A Large Happy Birthday to Lucia, Someone I will never forget for the good times we had.

Be healthy, careful and strong, you are loved by all.

The Best.

03/14/19 08:18 AM #2613    

Mike Young

Lucia, Happy Birthday - everybodiy's favorite Miss Homemaker.  Thanks for putting this Forum together so we can all stay in touch and for all you have done and do for our golf outing.  We appreciate your efforts.

03/17/19 12:37 PM #2614    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

Thank you one and all for birthdays wishes. They were  heartwarming and much appreciated. 🙏 

Special thank you to Tom O. I certainly remember you and Sadie, not to mention Old Spice! Remember also buying a new outfit (rust and black plaid jacket with big black buttons and black pleated skirt) at Winkleman’s Northwood Shopping Center (only recently demolshed to become part of massive Beaumont campus) for the event. After school walks also a nice memory. Then as now you showed yourself the perfect gentleman. 

Happy St. Patrick,s Day, we are all a little Irish today, ☘️ 

03/18/19 07:22 AM #2615    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday to Joyce Falcon, my chemistry partner, and Pat Belanger, another of the La Salette clan.  I hope that the year is all it can be for you and the day is one of warmth and serenity.  Belated St. Patrick's day wishes to one and all actual and honorary Irish.

03/18/19 03:17 PM #2616    

Tom Scott

Happy B D Lucia and Joyce fyi my granddaughter Avery is the N C state gymnastics champion for 13 year olds next is regional s in Chattanooga in April

03/18/19 10:46 PM #2617    


Tom O'Brien

A Happy birthday to Joyce and Pat. The class of 63 was a long time ago, and glad you both were in it. Wishing you a great day and upcoming year.

Make it your best and enjoy every day through the year.

Have a lot of cake today and everyday.

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