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03/21/18 08:53 PM #2308    

Tom Scott

Yes we will next event is the regionals in April Athens GA. Will be there to cheer her on. Plus both girlie girls are straight A students sure am blessed to have four grandkids who are super

03/22/18 04:56 PM #2309    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

Tom, Congratulations on your grand daughter's achievement.  You are blessed.

Happy Easter to all.

03/28/18 11:49 AM #2310    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday Andrea and wishes for you to have many more.

Hope all is well up in San Fran. Enjoy your day.


03/29/18 10:31 AM #2311    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

Hey, Pat, Andi, and Joyce, your turn for a great birthday! Janet, you are right March is a good month for a Birthday. 

I would say Happy Easter, but this year there won’t be a resurrection due to April Fools’ day😂😂😂🐣🐣🐣😂😂😂

04/02/18 12:10 PM #2312    


Tom O'Brien


We've come a long way and over the years life has treated us well. Wishing you a Happy BDay today and for many many more to come.

I hope your time in Maine is enjoyable and having a great time with the grand child. Enjoy life and stay warm.


04/03/18 11:50 AM #2313    

Tom Scott

Thank you Janet yes I am both the girly girls are great happy birthday Pat hope you're having a good one

04/08/18 12:09 PM #2314    


Tom O'Brien

Happy 73 to Rick. Glad you made it this far and wishing you another 73. enjoy your day.

04/09/18 09:06 AM #2315    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

April brings warm birthday wishes for Diggles, Anderson, Rick and all other folks with birthdays this month.  Sure hope the Michigan weather warms up as well. cool

04/12/18 04:29 PM #2316    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthdays to the birthday girls of today, May both of you, Jean and cheryll have a fantastic day and many more to come.


04/21/18 11:35 AM #2317    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday Dr. Jim. Have a wonderful day and wishing many more to come.

04/22/18 12:40 PM #2318    


Tom O'Brien

Another year in the books for Dave. Wish you the best today and all year long. Good to see you and Barbara and talk of old times.

Enjoy your year and many more.

04/22/18 03:23 PM #2319    

Tom Scott

My granddaughter Avery is the regional champ for 10 year olds and out of a hundred girls and her division who competed she was 3rd she had a 9.8 on the fault

04/23/18 01:02 PM #2320    

David Unger

73 sounds like a very young age to me.  After all these years I finally figured out what my most favorite birthday is-THE NEXT ONE!  Spring is finally here and golf starts tomorrow.  What more could you Ask for.  Best wishes to all.

04/24/18 10:19 AM #2321    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

I am waaaaay behind in posting birthday wishes.  Seems like our entire class had birthdays in March and April.  Hope everyone enjoyed their special day and are doing fine so far this year!  

Tom Scott -  so exciting to see your granddaughter doing so well in gymnastics.  Isn’t it  grand to be a “grand?”

04/24/18 11:48 AM #2322    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday to Brownie. Wishing you a great day and many more. Hope all is going well.

Hello to Cathy.

04/24/18 08:05 PM #2323    

Tom Scott

Thanks Arlene yes it is grand to be grand. Avery is such a beautiful young lady so thoughtful and still straight A's

04/25/18 10:48 AM #2324    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

Thanks, Arlene, for expressing my thoghts exactly! 

Cheers to all the April birthday folk! 🎂🍀🎉👏🏻

Dave, good oservation about the next one ☝️.

05/09/18 11:42 AM #2325    


Tom O'Brien

Mary Lou, Sorry I missed your day yesterday. didn't have a chance to look at the computer till this morning. Hope you had a great day and wishing you many more to come.

05/20/18 01:13 PM #2326    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday to Mary Blanche. wishing you a happy day, week, month and year and hope to say this next year. Enjoy.

05/20/18 09:28 PM #2327    


Lorrie Olesak (Bookbinder)

Tom O’Brien... you should work for Hallmark and/or Welcome Wagon and/or the Chamber of Commerce  ... when ever your Birthday comes up again, I hope it’s your best day EVER wink.

05/22/18 11:54 AM #2328    


Tom O'Brien

Thank you Lorrie, It's nice to hear from someone. It seems like it's been a long dry spell for posting.

I hope i make it to my next one, which is 2 days after Murphy's. On October 11.


05/23/18 10:36 AM #2329    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

T O’B, 

We are all cheering you on to October date! You are a sweetie. 👍

05/24/18 11:48 AM #2330    


Tom O'Brien

Oh, gosh thanks Lucia. You ain't so bad yourself. some people just get sweeter and better with time. You have proved that.

Be good, if you can't be good, be careful.

05/25/18 06:01 PM #2331    

Tom Scott

Hello every one happy birthday to the May alum, OB you are a trip. Another granddaughter up date Kaelin the oldest received and honors medal, out 3000 students she was one of 33 freshmen to be nominated so proud of her

05/26/18 12:22 AM #2332    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Ok, Happy May Birthdays , my intentions are good my follow thru no so much but hope those birthdays are the best ever and a fabulous year coming! 

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