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04/22/19 07:31 AM #2650    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Happiest of birthdays to David Unger and Jim McGauley.  Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

04/22/19 08:55 AM #2651    

Mike Young

Happy birthday, Dave, I hope you're spending the day with those grandkids that you're so proud of.  Looking forward to seeing you at the golf reunion.

Happy Earth Day one and all.  I'm not sure that this is an official "Day" as Hallmark doesn't have a card with which to celebrate it.  I'll try to not hit any trees with golf balls this day.  And for the balance of the year as far as that goes.

04/22/19 09:38 AM #2652    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

Best wishes for a Happy Birthday, Dave.  It's alway fun playing with you at our golf outings.  Look forward to seeing you this August 24.

Happy Birthday to Jim McGauley and all our clasmates who had April birthdays.  Prolific birthday month.

Nicley said, Mike Young, about Easter.

Happy Spring!!!cool

04/22/19 01:29 PM #2653    

David Unger

Thanks for the Birthday wishes.  Glad to have another one, with the sun finally shining.  Our Easter had many blessings.  Family and friends gathered for good times and good food, and on top of that we had sunshine and warm weather.  What more could you ask for. 

Everyone's prior requests for better weather seem to have been answered.  Keep up the good thoughts.

04/22/19 04:35 PM #2654    


Tom O'Brien

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and hope, as it did, here, The Son had Risen.

Jim, I'm a day late but I wish you a belated Birthday. Wishing you the best and many more to come. Stay safe and keep kickin.

Dave, unlike Janet, I don't know how it is to play with you but I would still like to wish you a Happy birthday. As you said, your glad to have another one as we all are. Say hello to your wife and every time I'm down by Ruby's I think of our lunch together. It was a great reunion and good to see you both.

Jim and Dave, I hope you had and have lots of cake.

04/24/19 11:44 AM #2655    


Tom O'Brien

Dick Brown is having another birthday, yeh. I hope your well and having the time of our life.

Stay well and give em hell.

Happy Birthday and wishes for many more.

Hi to Kathy.

04/24/19 01:02 PM #2656    

Tom Scott

Happy birthdays Dave and Jim many more guys

04/24/19 07:43 PM #2657    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Happy Birthday to Dick Brown.  Wow, April was a very prolific month!  

Dan Janness -  my sincerest sympathy on the loss of your brother.  From reading his obituary, he must have been a wonderful brother to you and your siblings!  May you and your family keep his memory close to your hearts.  Bless you all.

04/25/19 10:23 AM #2658    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

Dan Janness,  My condolences to you and your family upon your brother's passing.  I know you are a close family.  Thoughts and prayers at this sad time.

Arlene, Thanks for letting us know.

Dick Brown Happy Birthday.

04/25/19 08:52 PM #2659    

Mike Young

Happy belated birthday, Dick.  I hope that it was a day full of joy and happiness.  (And, as O'B would say - cake.)  Hope to see you again this August.

Dan, sorry to hear about the passing of your brother.  I'm glad that you were blessed with such a brother.

04/28/19 09:36 AM #2660    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Happy Belated Birthdays to all the April’s and any up coming in the next few days , may it be the best year ever! 

04/28/19 09:39 AM #2661    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Dan, I’m so very sorry to read about the loss of your brother, in following the condolences, I know that your have a close and loving family and he’ll be missed but his presence lives on.  You are all blessed.  

04/29/19 12:23 PM #2662    

Tom Scott

Dan sorry to hear of loss of you brother my thoughts and prayers are with your family

04/29/19 12:26 PM #2663    

Tom Scott

Granddaughter Avery is the AA level 7 13 year old regional champion 6 first 1 third and most importantly junior honor society recipient

04/30/19 06:13 AM #2664    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday Marieda Murray I recall the very first class I was in at Shrine, Latin I and you had some smart aleck crack that made me laugh - a good start to my days at Shrine.

Happy Birthday Mary Jo with the ready smile.  Looking forward to seeing you in August at the golf reunion.

Congratulations to the girls, yet again, Scotty.  You get nominated for the Proudest Grandfather of the Year Award, yet again.  You've got a beverage on me in August.

Merry Unbirthday to the rest of us.

04/30/19 09:32 AM #2665    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

Thanks to Jon Saulnier for sending pictures of our classmate Janet Meininger and his sister Gloria class of 1950 (shown on Janet’s left) at the presentation ceremony for distinguished alumni. 

I know we are all proud and impressed with Janet’s accomplishments and her contributions to community. Our congratulation to Gloria as well. 

04/30/19 11:12 AM #2666    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Jon-Thanks for the picture!  Congrats to your sister, Gloria.  Hard to believe she is 13 years older than us!  You have some great genes in the family!  Let us know what she was recognized for.  Would love to hear.

04/30/19 11:34 AM #2667    


Tom O'Brien

Congradulations to the Birthday girls, Marieda and Mary Jo. Another year of more memories to cherish and another year to look ahead to new ones.

I wish you both a wonderful day, week. month and year. Have fun, and by all means EAT CAKE!


Tom Scott, Congrads to your star performer. It must be tuff for you buying shirts with such a big chest with all that pride showing.

How are your knees doing?

05/08/19 06:08 AM #2668    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Mary Lou Devine - your bright lively smile always came out through your eyes.  I never would have picked you as a school administrator,(shows how bright I'm not.), but I'll bet the kids were better off because you were one.  Hopefully they appreciated you.  I wonder what their nickname for you was.

05/08/19 12:17 PM #2669    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday to Mary Lou. Another year and another chance to enjoy all the great things you enjoy.

I hope your day is enjoyable and tomorrow even better. Enjoy them all and don't forget,  Have lots of cake.

05/08/19 04:54 PM #2670    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Happy Birthday, Mary Lou.  Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day.  Keep it going for another year!

I have a question for my fellow cheerleading teammates...  Were any of you interviewed for the new film “Poms?”  The producers sure missed out on a great group of talented, funny, beautiful, and caring gals!  “Go Knights!”

05/09/19 12:25 PM #2671    

Tom Scott

A Laurel and Hardy happy birthday Mary Lou and many more

05/17/19 07:26 AM #2672    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Dear classmates -  I received an email from Tom Wischman with some very sad news.  Mike Murphy is currently in hospice and not expected to live but a few more days.  Keep him, his wife and family in your prayers!

05/17/19 07:54 PM #2673    


Lorrie Olesak (Bookbinder)

Thank you Arlene ... to Mike, my prayers for a peaceful transition to the Lord ... much love and prayers to you and your family ... Requiem Eternam 

05/18/19 11:27 AM #2674    


Janet Flick (Stickel)


Thank you and Tom for informing us of this sad event. 

Mike, you were one of our best.  Many of us have known you since grade school and have many fond memories - especially Fred who lived in your neighborhood.    Our prayers are with you.

Janet and Fred


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