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07/20/18 11:33 PM #2374    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Oh did I mention the PGA Tournament is in my neighborhood this year! Seriously I live two miles from Bellerive! My house is available as we’ll all be in The Northwest for my youngest’s wedding that week ! 

08/01/18 10:52 PM #2375    

Mike Young

Happy birthday to Anne Cliggett and Maire.  I always enjoyed watching the two of you interact with seeming psychic connections.  Sorry for Maire's passing but you two were so blessed to have one another and I am pleased for you in that.


Happy birthday Janet Flick - still pretty and thanks for all you do for our class.

08/02/18 09:19 AM #2376    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Janet, Continue to celebrate as I wish you a beautiful Happy Birthday!

08/02/18 11:46 AM #2377    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Happy birthday to all those born in August!!  Both my girls were August babies and I remember the doctor telling me:  "Don't you know how warm it gets in August?"  Not the best of conditions when cuddling a newborn! 

Mike Young -  welcome back from wherever you were this last year!!

08/02/18 01:25 PM #2378    

Tom Scott

Happy birthday August Shriners looking forward to seeing everybody in a couple of weeks

08/02/18 06:52 PM #2379    


Dan Janness

Happy birthday Janet, you are the best

08/02/18 10:54 PM #2380    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday Janet. Just remember, We're not getting older, we're getting better. I hope your day was filled with good times and wishing you many more birthday's to come.



Hi Fred.

08/02/18 10:56 PM #2381    


Tom O'Brien

Mike Young,

I echo Arlene, welcome. hope all is well.

08/03/18 01:17 PM #2382    


Tom O'Brien

happy birthday Maryann and many more on you. each day is now like a birthday.enjoy them all.

08/04/18 12:00 AM #2383    

Mike Young

Happy birthday Mary Ann, dancer extraordinaire.  I still recall our double dates fondly.

08/04/18 12:02 PM #2384    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Bday to the Duke.

Wishing you a happy day and upcoming year. Be sure to swing hard and fast.

Enjoy the day Larry.

08/04/18 10:36 PM #2385    


Tom O'Brien

Hi all,

Thought I'd invite everyone who would like to take a nice warm bath this coming week to come out to San Diego. We will be in the upper 90's for the week and that's only being 6 miles from the ocean. The beach temps will be in the upper 80's and the ocean water is at 82 degrees.

Thank goodnes for the AC.

Enjoy your week.

08/05/18 09:11 AM #2386    

Mike Young

Larry, Happy belated birthday - hope it was a pleasant one.  May the year to come be full of joy.  May your ball lie in green pastures rather than still waters.

Thanks for the invitation, OB - you're so thoughtful.

08/09/18 01:23 AM #2387    

Mike Young

Happy birthday, Judy Shields, the lady with the soft sense of humor and the warm smile.

08/09/18 11:47 AM #2388    

Tom Scott

Tom my Marine partner in Nam went to MCRD he said he saw recruits on the parade deck. Brought back memories and the drill instructors soft word of encouragement made the hair on his neck stand up.

08/09/18 11:20 PM #2389    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday Judy and many more to come. stay positive and enjoy every day better than the last.


08/10/18 01:57 AM #2390    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Happy Birthday to Judy , hope you celebrated you,  doing it your way! 

08/10/18 02:06 AM #2391    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Out in Hood River, OR for youngest’s Wedding weekend!   It’s as hot here as it is in St Louis  but that’s far better than the rain and chill I usually meet out here!! As beautiful as it is, I could never live here but I enjoy visiting and hope the newlyweds eventually come home where they belong! 

08/10/18 04:40 PM #2392    

Patrick Diggles

Happy birthday Larry!  Enjoy your day!  Hope all is well with your family!


08/11/18 07:10 AM #2393    

Mike Young

Happy birthday, Professor Janet.  You were always so quiet, yet friendly with two of the nicest parents.  Hope your day is as good as you, and the years to follow.

08/11/18 11:41 AM #2394    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday Janet. May your day be filled with happiness and all you wish for. Stay strong and wish you manny more bdays to come.

08/12/18 04:13 PM #2395    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

August 25 Golf outing/ 55th Reunion Reminder

We have a good group of golfers and riders this year.  However, if you haven't signed up yet there are still places available.  Please contact Chris Frye at

We look forward to having the apres' golf get together at Pontiac Country Club where we can move around and enjoy the patio.

Place: Pontiac Country Club
          4335 Elizabeth Lake Road
          Waterford, MI 48328

Time: 10:00 arrival for 11:00 first tee time

Cost: $40/person for golf (cart included)
         $8/person rider

Get together: arrive at 4:00pm.  

Drinks and food are self-pay.

Look forward to seeing you!! 

08/13/18 08:09 AM #2396    

Mike Young

Happy birthday Kathy Poeppe with the shy, warm smile.  May your day (and following year) bve filled with serentiy and pleasant times.  I remember catching the bus to LaSalette together on 12 mile with the Stacks, and the Liggetts, right accross from the chinchilla farm.

08/13/18 11:52 AM #2397    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday Kathy,

Wishing you a great day and hope for more to come.

Stay strong and enjoy your special day.

08/20/18 04:00 AM #2398    

Mike Young

Happy birthday, Gerry - what a terrific friend you've been for years.

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