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11/22/19 07:34 AM #2860    

Kathy Chaivre (Brown)

Sue, we ere so sorry to hear of your sister Rosie's passing.  Our prayers are with you . We hope that the lifetime of memories of your sister bring you comfort and strength. May God welcome her into His open arms.

11/22/19 09:28 AM #2861    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

Rosie was a sweet and delightful presence. Truly, a lovely light has been extinguished. ❤️

11/24/19 02:58 PM #2862    

Mike Young

Sue, it is sad when we lose a loved one and I hope that you are coping well with your loss.  On the other hand it is such a blessing ot have special people in  our lives and I hope that you can take some solace and rejoice in the multitude of things on many levels that you were fortunate enough to be able to share together.

11/25/19 01:40 PM #2863    


Rick Fournier

Sue so sorry to hear about your loss.  I sing in our funeral choir and it is always hard to hear the stories of lost love.  But we have memories of them as a gift from God that will remain with us forever.  Prayers go out to you and your family.  

11/26/19 12:04 AM #2864    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday Annette Welemirov, I hope you get to celebrate with some, or all, of your eight awesome grandchildren (maybe some cake, too).  You always had such a ready and warm smile.   Any even more awesome greatgrandchildren?  

11/26/19 11:45 AM #2865    


Tom O'Brien

A Birthday wish for Annette. Hope your day is filled with fun, food and plenty of cake, for sure. With all the grand kids it is sure to be a remembered day,

Enjoy and many more to come.

11/28/19 06:39 AM #2866    

Mike Young

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all - we are certainly blessed to live in this wonderful country.  Among the many things that I am thankful for is this Forum and those who participate in it.  Thank you, Lucia for setting it up.  Blessings to all.

12/04/19 12:53 PM #2867    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday Susan, Another year down and many, many more to go. Hope the upcoming year shines on you and your family with love and joy.

Stay safe, healthy and be sure to have plenty of cake.


12/14/19 08:57 AM #2868    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Mary Mach, with the shy, quiet smiles.  You always projected such good character, but you needn't be so quiet now.  Let us know how you're doing and, perhaps, come and join us at our annual golf outing.  You needn't play golf just add to the mingling group at the course and/or later at dinner.  Merry Unbirthday to the rest of us.

On another, completely unrelated note - does anyone know which chapter and verse in the Bible there's an explanation of how to turn water into wine?  Just asking for a friend.

12/21/19 01:54 PM #2869    

Tom Scott

Merry Christmas everyone been awhile, hobbling alone knee replacement in January. My little dog Morgan and I volunteer thru hospice to visit an assisted living facility. The ladies love her most of them have dementia, she is calm and let's them pet her. A rewarding but also sad experience

12/21/19 07:00 PM #2870    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

My dear classmates, may you all enjoy Christmas with family, friends, laughter and plenty of love.  Oh, and maybe a holiday beverage or two.  Thinking of you and wishing you all a very healthy New Year!

12/23/19 09:05 AM #2871    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Dennis Thibodeau - I hope you celebrate with those you love.  It would be nice if you joined us at our annual class reunion/golf outing this August.  Playing golf isn't a requirement, nor is having any golfing talent.  Larry has made this as stress free as imaginable, but you may just socialize if you so choose.

Scotty good to hear from you and that you and your pooch bring some pleasantness to those in need.  We hope to see your smiling face, too, this August

Arlene, loved the posting and shall have a hug for you next time.  "One size fits all, and they're returnable."

Merriest of Christmases to one and all.

12/23/19 06:07 PM #2872    


Tom O'Brien

Dennis T,

What you couldn't wait a couple more days to come out into the world?

Happy Birthday and wishing you many more. hope all is well and when you celebrate tonight I hope your having a large cake.

Take care and have a nice holiday season.

12/23/19 06:55 PM #2873    


Tom O'Brien

To All,

Wishing everyone the best and safest of Holiday Seasons.

Keep the faith and stay safe and warm with family and friends.

2020 is near and if anyone is like me I can't wait for it to get here. Maybe in 2020 my heart will get back into rhythm and the old blood pressure will stop dropping down to 95/66.

Scotty, I hope if you are replacing the knee, best for a speedy and easy survival and rehab. Prayers are with you pal.

For everyone having illness the Shrine family be with you and have a Happy, Happy Holiday.



12/23/19 11:41 PM #2874    


Lorrie Olesak (Bookbinder)


Tom O’Brien ... you brought us all through another year with memories and birthday wishes that made everyone a little happier than they were the day before ... thanks for your incredible ability to “care” and “share” ... thanx also to everyone who shared current (as well as past thoughts) regarding things we experience from the past to the present ... let’s face it folks, we LUV hearing about it ... and Lucia, thanks for this great forum ... I don’t post much, but I LUV reading it ...

A very Merry Christmas, and all the best that can happen in the New Year ... much luv to you guys ... and to every graduate of Shrine High School, you’re in GREAT company ... 



12/26/19 12:22 AM #2875    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Bob Morgan.  I hope you got to celebrate with your three grandaughters, (the 3 "M's" I believe you said) and other loved ones.  Wyandotte isn't so far from our Reunion Dining and Golf outing.  Come to the dining after golf if you aren't interested in partaking of the golf.  We'd like to see you.  And a Merry Unbirthday to the rest of us.

12/26/19 11:06 PM #2876    


Tom O'Brien

Robert Morgan,

Congrats on another year of fun and frolic.  Happy Birthday and wishes for many more to come.

I hope you and your family had a great day of celebration and there was plenty of cake to go around.

See you next year, same time, same place.

Enjoy 2020.

12/27/19 09:11 AM #2877    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a happy and healthy new year. 

On a sadder note, we received a note from Dennis Thibideau’s son to inform us of his passin this past November. There were no details and the email was a no reply so I was not able to express condolances on our behalf. 

12/27/19 09:26 AM #2878    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)


i looked at the email from Alan Thibedeau again and saw a way to send our condolences and have done so. 

12/27/19 10:16 AM #2879    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

To add to what Lucia has said,  you can send condolences to Dennis' son Alan at

Alan's note said Dennis passed away "November of last year."  I think that means November, 2018.

12/28/19 09:37 AM #2880    

Lucia Lenhard (Johnson)

Good catch, Janet. 

12/29/19 11:26 AM #2881    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

I found this well-written obituary for Dennis.  Proud to have been his classmate and friend!



Dennis Alan Thibodeau, age 73 of Sterling Heights, died Sunday, November 4, 2018 at Beaumont Hospital of Troy, Michigan. He was born December 23, 1944 in Royal Oak, son of the late Joseph Oscar and the late Beulah (nee: Henson) Thibodeau. With thanks and praise from a grateful nation, we pay homage to Dennis for his service to our country during the Vietnam War era. As a soldier in our great U.S. Army, he wore the uniform proudly for just under 4 years with 1.5 of those years spent overseas. For his willingness to stand in harm's way, and for answering our nation's call with pride & patriotism, we honor Dennis' bravery and extend our posthumous gratitude for his services rendered and helping define the greatness of America, just one soul. Married for over 50 years to the love of his life, Marianne, Dennis absolutely adored his wife and extended the best parts of his compassion into caring for his bride throughout their entire lives together. He was her greatest caretaker and most devout friend, a true example of love in action. And not quite the same but equally special were the relationships he shared with a handful of his childhood buddies, companionships that stood the test of time,…right up until his passing. From the male bonding and fun they shared throughout the years,…to the friendships their wives forged in the process,…to the couples' entertaining they enjoyed as the friendships grew and deepened,…the story that Dennis and his friends share is not only a heartwarming one, but one that actually made the newspapers for its human intrigue and touching nature. How many of us share friendships that make the news? Dennis did. Friendship was obviously a huge aspect of Dennis' life, as additionally evidenced by his membership within the Catholic Church's, Knights of Columbus. Known for their Godly and charitable outreach to the community, Dennis also found great reward through the fraternal brotherhood he shared with his fellow men of faith and how it helped mold him into the man who touched countless hearts and lives along the way. A hard working man by nature, much of Dennis' career path was spent exercising his cerebrum and helping folks manage computer issues. So when the opportunity presented itself for spending time away from the job, Dennis certainly had a handful of favorite pastimes that he enjoyed. In his younger years, and for many of those, Dennis proudly donned the cap of Baseball Coach and helped many youngsters learn the importance of sportsmanship and team playing. He loved being a part of molding these young athletes and watching them come into their own,…right there on the ball diamond. While on the theme of sports, Dennis was also quite passionate about the games of golf and bowling, and spent countless hours throughout his life enjoying both. Whether he was chasing that little white ball around the links in search of that elusive "Hole-in-One,"…or taming the lanes with his bowling ball in hopes of that majestic "300 Game,"…either sport simply afforded Dennis the perfect opportunity of doing what he liked best,…being with his friends making memories to last a lifetime. And when it came time for coming off the field and into the house, there was always loads of fun to be had around the card table playing his favorite game, Euchre. Nothing says fun quite like getting some fellow card players together and tossin' some cards in a little friendly competition, and Dennis loved every minute of it. Yet of all that he loved in life, nothing could hold a candle to the matchless love he held for his precious family. A loving husband, father and grandfather, family was always Priority #1 to Dennis,…and they knew it. His word was golden, his actions were unselfish, and the legacy of love he leaves will forever be treasured. He will be missed immensely and loved beyond measure until we are all united again in Heaven. Rest in peace, dear brother. Dennis was the beloved husband of Marianne. Dear father of Alan (Kelly) Thibodeau and Scott (Jennifer) Thibodeau. Loving grandfather of Jared, Jenna, Jacey, Nick, and John. Brother of Robert (Ruth Ann) Thibodeau, Br. Harold Thibodeau, Wesley Towne, and Fred Towne. Visitation for Dennis will be held Wednesday, November 7th from 3-9 pm, with a 7 pm Rosary Service, at the D.S. Temrowski & Sons Funeral Home, 30009 Hoover Road at Common (12 ½ Mile Road) in Warren. He will lie in state on Thursday from 10:30 am until time of the Funeral Mass at 11:00 am at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church in Warren. Following Mass, Military Honors will be performed in recognition of Dennis' service to our country in the United States Army. Memorial donations are welcomed to the American Cancer Society, 20450 Civic Center Drive, Southfield, MI 48076 (,...or to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105 ( Please share memories of Dennis at his guest book above.


12/31/19 11:15 PM #2882    

Mike Young

Thank you Lucia, Janet and Arlene.  Well done as usual for each of you.  Rest in Peace, Dennis.  I guess that I didn'r really need to put that in print - I doubt that Dennis would need to read.  What a wonderful obituary!!  If St. Peter needed references and/or recommendations, the line to speak on behalf of Dennis would be more than extensive.

I hope that everyone makes 20/20 a wonderful year, that's what I see (pun intended).

01/08/20 07:13 AM #2883    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, George Penman Brown, the first of our birthdays in the new decade.  Thinking of you always brings your quick wit and smile to mind.  It would be good to see you at our golf outing this August - I'll even give you something to make bending your elbow worthwhile.  Merry Unbirthday to the rest of us.  Make 2020 a terrific year.

01/08/20 02:47 PM #2884    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

Happy Birthday, George, and to all of us this year.  Most of us will be making the 75 year milestone.  I'm grateful for all of you.  We had a good school life!

Thanks, Mike Young, for being our diligent Golf Outing cheerleader.  I do hope you all come.  Date is August 22.  It would be a great way to celebrate our milestone birthdays.

75 and counting!

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