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08/11/20 09:31 PM #3038    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Sorry about the double talk 

08/20/20 08:21 PM #3039    


Mary Ann Shirk (Hribar)

I hope everyone has a wonderful time at the reunion. I thought I was doing a little better and thought I might stop by after golf. But today I decided to follow the palliative nurse's urging to put my Bob in hospice. He has lost a lot of weight, is not eating much, and has many uti's. She feels it is disease progression and I should go for comfort care. It was a hard decision. And of course I spent the day crying. I don't do well at first until I adjust to each new stage. I am so glad some of you will enjoy a day of laughs and sharing. We need to grab every happy moment we can. God bless all of you. 

08/20/20 09:24 PM #3040    


Lorrie Olesak (Bookbinder)

I'll pray for both of you Mary Ann ... such a decision weighs heavily on a person ... God bless him, and you, for being such a loving care-taker ... wink

08/20/20 10:21 PM #3041    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Everyone at the weekend outing, enjoy each other and it'll be so good to get away for a few hours !! Mary Ann, my heart and prayers go out to you and your dear husband. You both our in our thoughts and some have walked your walk so you are not alone.  Hope the weather is good and fellowship even better! 

08/21/20 08:44 AM #3042    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)



Mary Ann, my heart is breaking for you!  This disease progression is incredibly hard to watch.  Hopefully now they will allow you to spend time with Bob in person.  I certainly understand the tears and frustration!  My life is following the same course as yours.  Thank you so much for your assistance with the legal side of all of this.  I am still in the middle of it and praying that a favorable outcome happens soon!

To my classmates- I had planned on attending the reunion this year, but my family will all be arriving today to help celebrate my upcoming MEGA birthday!  I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving, so I have to get Nana's Diner ready to re-open to make all their favorites!  It looks like whoever prayed for warmer weather for this year's s gala might have overdone it!  Apparently it will be pretty toasty there tomorrow! 

Please stay hydrated, healthy and enjoy!  Love and miss you all 🥰



08/21/20 11:52 AM #3043    


Tom O'Brien

Best wishes for a strong and cooler day tomorrow.

I would love to be there to beat the little white ball but I will be thinking of all of you having a great time.

Enjoy the day no matter how bad you play and enjoy the 19th hole more.

Mary Ann, I am so sorry about your husband. As Arlene said it is hard on everyone but especially the ones who are in direct contact and every day seeing how things progress or degress. Prayers for you and the entire family.

08/26/20 08:56 PM #3044    

Mike Young

Mary Ann, our hearts and prayers go out to you as you cope with the changes in Bob's well-being.  It is so difficult to see someone we love regress.  I hope that you can focus on the blessings that such a fulfilling partner brought to you and all the wonderful times you shared.  The special feelings of having a partner who we supplement and who supplements and complements us is so much more than a blessing.  We hope that your daughters and grandchildren can help you, and each other, through this sad transition.  You always have been one of the "Good Guys".

Speaking of which - Happy belated Birthday, Gerry - as good a friend as one could ever ask for.

As to the Reunion/Golf Outing, the weather was warm, rather than hot.  While the turnout was diminished by the Covid, family gatherings and a funeral, the participants had a terrific day.  Larry modified his already benevolent rules to include the protection of the flora and fauna to save the trees and the fish (How thoughtful!!).  Mary Strauss brightened the day with her smile and Dave brought his lovely wife, Barb, to enhance the gathering.  A new face in the crowd, George Karam, added to the fun.  Lucia took several pictures, and even though she has an issue with her meniscus, she putted well for us.  We hope to see you all again next year for another special day.

08/27/20 12:49 PM #3045    


Mary Ann Shirk (Hribar)

Thank you for the many kind words. After meeting with hospice and talking to my favorite nurse at the facility, we have decided to keep Bob in palliative care a little longer. He has gotten over his infection and is a little better for now. I know I am avoiding the inevitable, but after hearing about his care in hospice, I feel I would be actively killing him. No blood work, no urinalysis, no active treatments. As his nurse said to me, he has no respiratory or cardiac issues and is comfortable. 
I hope the reunion was great. Praying all of you stay well. 

08/28/20 10:22 AM #3046    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Mary Ann , I believe you are blessed in your continuing palliative care, you're both in good hands with your team !  

08/28/20 12:00 PM #3047    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

Mary Ann, I agree with Judy.  You have a knowledgeable, supportive, palliative care team.  With their input, your gut feelings, family support and prayer, I'm sure you are making the right decisions for Bob. When looking at your family photo, it's evident what a fine husband and family you are blessed with.  I'm glad you share with us and know that you have your classmates' full support. 

Mike, thanks for the recap of our golf outing last weekend.  You are the annual golf outing's biggest cheerleader!  We will meet again next year, hopefully with our world back to normal.

SAVE THE DATE:  50th + 8!  on AUGUST 28, 2021

08/31/20 12:14 PM #3048    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday to Kathy.

Another year of joy, fun and bliss. Wishing the best to come.

Enjoy the day you and the family has been waiting for to enjot the cake and ice cream we all love,

09/01/20 12:00 PM #3049    

Mike Young

Kathy, a Happy belated Birthday for you.  We are saddened by the loss of Bubba and hope that you are adjusting well to his being gone.  Hope to see you and Rick next year at our Reunion/golf outing.

Mary Ann, Janet and Judy have expressed so well what most of us are feeling and wishing for you and your family.  Usually when we trust our gut feelings we're ok, and when we trust our gut and our heart we're right.  Blessing upon Bob, you and your family.

A Merry Unbirthday to the rest of us.  Please remember what Soupy said - "An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and an onion a day keeps everyone away". 

09/03/20 09:37 AM #3050    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Arlene, we all hope that Doug is back to enjoying himself by entertaining you all on the piano.  We missed you at the Reunion/golf outing but these are strange times and next year should bring us better times.  At this time of year I envy you the beauty that surrounds Traverse City and I hope that you're finding the tranquility that the area possesses.

09/03/20 11:46 AM #3051    


Tom O'Brien

The day has come and it's Arlean's Birthday.

Wishing you the best for the coming year and may the Lord shine his lite on your life and your family.

Enjoy the day for all it;s worth and make damn sure you eat that cake and a boat load of your favorite ice cream.

09/03/20 02:01 PM #3052    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Happy Birthday , Arlene and may  it be a gentle and beautiful day celebrating You!  

09/12/20 08:56 PM #3053    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Thanks, everyone!  I had the most incredible birthday ever!  My girls, their husbands and my fabulous grandkids came to visit from Chicago and unbeknownst to me pulled off a surprise birthday party with all my favorite neighbors and friends!  I was completely surprised!  Love them all so much!  I'm still smiling!

09/12/20 09:00 PM #3054    


Arlene Vachon (Forrester)

Happy Birthday, Mike Young, our class cheerleader!  Wishing you a year filled with laughter, love and good health!

09/12/20 10:27 PM #3055    


Tom O'Brien

Just got the word it is or was your big day. Belated Happy Birthday and it sounds like you had a great surprise. Maybe better warn the kids at our age a surprise like that can be terminating.

Hope the upcoming year is, in many ways better than this one and I sure hope the cake and ice cream was plentiful.

Congrates on another.

09/13/20 09:37 AM #3056    


Janet Flick (Stickel)

Happy belated birthdays to Arlene and MIke.

Arlene, what a lovely surprise party your family gave you!  So well deserved.

Mike, your enthusiasm as our class cheerleader is contagious and appreciated.   Hope you had a happy, happy day.  Look forward to seeing you next August.

09/15/20 12:05 PM #3057    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday to old man Carz. I can say that cuz I never age so I'm still young.

Seriously, Hope you have a great day with the family and make darn sure the cake and ice cream are flowing.

Take care and stay healthy.

09/16/20 12:27 PM #3058    


Tom O'Brien

A Happy Birthday to Dan J. I hope your day be filled with joy and companship with the family and friens and more to come.

Enjoy and most importantly, don't forget the important cake and ice cream.

09/16/20 08:50 PM #3059    

Mike Young

Dan, I hope your birthday was/is as pleasant as you are.  Has the Smithsonian Museum cantracted you for "The Sweater" that all the girls want to wear?  Looking forward to seeing you, and the rest of the tribe next August.

09/16/20 10:23 PM #3060    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Happy never too late Birthday Dan ! 

09/22/20 08:09 AM #3061    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Collette, while you seemed on the quiet side to me, you were always pleasant to everyone and I thought that you carried yourself well.  A Merry Unbirthday to the rest of us.

09/22/20 11:51 AM #3062    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday Collete,

Another year and another happy time with family and freinds. 

I hope all is well in the valley and stay safe out there.

Be sure to have your cake and ice cream, it's your day.

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